GO! Big Just Add Fabric-12" Block Starter Pack

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This "Just Add Fabric Set" proves that bigger is better. You’ll get the GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter, the GO Qube 12" Mix & Match Block Set and many other super products to make your quilt making easier and faster. If you love making big, bold quilts, this is the starter set for you. It has just about every thing you’ll ever need. Just add fabric! Give yourself the perfect gift, today.


  • Place


    Layer die (with foam side up),
    fabric and cutting mat.
    TIP: You can cut two 6" wide dies
    side by side at the same time

  • Press


    Push die, fabric and mat firmly
    against roller. Roll through cutter.

  • Done!


    Remove mat and perfectly cut
    Repeat process.

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